I have started using PHP in the year 2000. This was version 4.X and didn't have any Object Oriented approach. In 2001 I wrote a number of PHP scripts and uploaded them on Sourceforge. They are really outdated, as they were made for PHP 4 , but if you are still interested, take a look on the sourceforge website:

Later on I also wrote the "famous" PHPenpals script, which enables people to start their own penpals website. This is also quite outdated, but it can be found at

PHP frameworks

Ever since I first build this website, I have been using PHP CMS or PHP frameworks. It started sometime around 2001 with PHPCMS ( Later on I also used Joomla for quite a while and the last couple of years I have been experimenting with PHP frameworks. I used both Zend's ZF and Symfony, but they are quite complex to learn and use. Nowadays I use Laravel( is fairly easy to use, but I also contains a lot of functionality that makes the live of a PHP developer a lot easier.